A Digital Marketing Audit is…

An analysis of your online marketing platforms, data, and technical set up. The audit should span across channels including social, SEO, organic search results and ranking, paid advertising, email and competitive search. This helps provide a benchmark from which to measure your online growth and ensure results from your digital investment. 

Benefits of a digital audit: new insights and opportunities for growth

Here are a few of the questions an audit will answer:

  1. What pages on your website are ranking highest?
  2. Which keywords are not ranking that should be?
  3. What on-page SEO optimizations need to be made to improve ranking results?
  4. What organic search impressions are not getting clicks?
  5. Which channels/campaigns have the best click-through rate?
  6. Which channels/campaigns have the lowest cost to acquire?
  7. Which channels have the shortest path to purchase?
  8. What percentage of your data is mobile?

Audits provide teams with a framework or template to analyze performance internally going forward, with clear KPIs to measure and focus on with checklists and tips along the way to improve performance.

Understanding and prioritizing your digital assets is key

A digital audit can help your company best utilize a range of important data ranging from Google Analytics to conversion optimizations. Prioritizing these digital marketing factors is critical to achieving the most impact. It’s challenging, but every business owner and marketer must avoid being pulled in too many directions.

Having an expert digital marketing consultant audit your website, SEO, content, and Google Analytics provides a new point of view of your strengths and weaknesses. It provides a benchmark to measure from and data insights to build new strategies for growth.

Digital Marketing Audits help organizations analyze their marketing results through an external, expert point of view. Benchmarking the right metrics for your business to measure at key times.  

  • Know where to double down – see which channels to focus on with fresh ways to maximize results.
  • Improve your targeting – optimize for reach to build focused target audiences.
  • See the traction your team is making – visualize your data to highlight important strengths and opportunities to grow and develop.

Optimize your digital marketing results 

Digital Audit Packages

We provide flexibility with our Digital Marketing Audit Packages. If you are just getting started with measuring your successes, start off with a Digital Snapshot for a quick win and general overview on your website SEO.

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