Digital Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing Audit – What’s your Silver Lining Story?


A Digital Marketing Audit tells a story.

It’s a story about your customers’ path to purchase, about your data, and data doesn’t lie.

Your Audit story is unique.

It tells the tale of barriers to reaching your audiences, missed conversion points and hero moments that need to be retold.

It shines a new light on your Marketing Performance.

With a fresh set of eyes, an unbiased analysis will help achieve deeper audience insights but improve your customers’ buying journey.

Why Outsource a Digital Audit?

Digital Marketing Audits help organizations analyze their marketing results through an external, expert point of view. Benchmarking the right metrics for your business to measure at key times.  

  • Know where to double down – see which channels to focus on with fresh ways to maximize results.
  • Improve your targeting – optimize for reach to build focused target audiences.
  • See the traction your team is making – visualize your data to highlight important strengths and opportunities to grow and develop.

When is the right time for a Digital Audit?

You need to realign your metrics to align with your goals, to your desired outcomes, and your team can’t work any harder. It’s time to work smarter.

Lack of Specific Channel Expertise

Your team’s wearing many hats and lacks domain expertise in key channels. You need more coverage in those channels, but you need some quick wins to scale up as your team grows.

No Time to Measure

You want to quantify your brand engagement and set the team up for success in measuring from now on. You need to optimize your efforts, but don’t have the time to look back.

Why work with Snapdragon Marketing Service on your next Digital Audit?

Nothing cookie cutter is happening here.

We have proven our mix of techniques and tools over the past few years of doing audits for small startup brands with global SaaS brands.

We carefully identify and analyze your data to extract key strategic insights to cultivate growth opportunities and make recommendations on where to streamline your marketing. 

The audit provides your team with key metrics to monitor, what to watch for, and a custom framework to measure within.


 Digital Audit Packages

Digital Snapshot

  • Domain Traffic Overview
  • Domain Site SEO Overview
  • Branded Search & Non-Branded Analysis
  • Your Share of Search

Digital Channel Audit

  • Domain Traffic Overview
  • Domain Site SEO Overview
  • Branded Search & Non-Branded Analysis
  • Technical SEO & Site Optimizations
  • Paid Search with Google Ads Account/Campaign Review
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Social Channel Analysis

Content & Conversion Optimization Audit

  • Onsite Lead Conversion Analysis
  • Site Content Optimizations
  • Social Content Review
  • Email Optimizations

Competitive Snapshot

  • Competitor Paid and Organic Keyword Analysis
  • Your Competitors Share of Search
  • Competitor Channel Traffic Overview
  • Competitors Social Channel Analysis

Light up your Marketing Performance

There is a silver lining at the end of every Audit. It will help you simplify your efforts by understanding what signals to look for to better streamline your campaigns.

If you are looking for quick wins or a long-term game plan, a comprehensive external audit will help you maximize your results.

See fresh ways to maximize results. Reach out to us and let us make some recommendations to improve your Digital Marketing Challenges.

Read more about using data to visualize your path to purchase online.