B2B Marketing Support

Snapdragon Marketing B2B marketing support for incremental demand generation and digital marketing support.
Working with me as your coach, I can share my go-to-market strategies to accelerate growth.
My approach is to audit your strengths and weaknesses, identifying new opportunities for growth. Providing fresh strategic approaches to solving your marketing problem.
Together we architect customer experiences, working across verticals and key buying personas.
Maximizing your current investments we can optimize to convert more leads with valuable content. Getting the right ‘mix’ of marketing channels for your business. From Content Creation, SEM, SEO, Email, Events, Performance Marketing, and Lifecycle Marketing.
Some of my achievements have included;
· Won Finney Campaign Award for Best ROI Campaign
· Built a Global Demand Generation engine and team that exceeded revenue targets over 3 consecutive years.
· Led the Enterprise Demand Generation team achieving 21% YoY growth in sales
· Traffic increased 70% over a 12-month period with quality leads converting from Google Search.
· Ran various Linkedin Ad campaigns to drive increased website traffic resulting in a lift of 11% increase on ‘Book a Demo’ offer.
Some examples of campaign work are available in my online portfolio.
Are your marketing investments the best for your return on investment? Breathe new life into your campaigns, cultivating a fresh perspective and new opportunities for growth.

Client Testimonials:

“Is an asset to any organization, and I recommend her highly. She has the ability to come into a company and understand how to best add value. She builds relationships at all levels and always has creative ideas.”
-Paige O’Neil, CMO Sitecore
“She takes a holistic approach to any marketing project and delivers pragmatic solutions that fit your individual business needs. She listens, strategizes, and delivers ensuring you get the results that drive your business forward.”
-Christine Andrews, VP HR & Executive Business Coach
“Kelly at Snapdragon Marketing is a pleasure to work with and is an excellent communications professional. Her work in social media, video, webinars, email marketing, and websites is unmatched. Her team is positioned to assist businesses in a variety of industries succeed in their marketing and business goals.”
-Katie Paxson, Copywriter and Social Media Manager
Also to Coaching I also offer Digital Marketing Audits, to help marketing teams analyze their performance. Benchmarking the right metrics for your marketing to measure is critical to your growth success.  
Here to help, happy to connect. Let’s go!

More on Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly writes about B2B marketing support expertise in her blog, Snapdragon Marketing Pop. You can find articles on how to drive brand awareness, growth marketing tips and trick and revenue generation marketing.
Connect and follow Kelly on Linkedin. Or you can email her at kelly@snapdragonmarketingservice.com.
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