It amazes me how many online tools are available for anyone to understand how your website and digital marketing efforts are stacking up.  Are companies taking the time to gain insights to see which marketing channels their competitors are invested in? Are they achieving more organic traffic than your website?  You can learn so much about how your competition is marketing to your shared audience through digital marketing.

Marketing in the Age of Google: This book is dated when you consider how fast things are changing in digital marketing. The author, Vanessa Fox, was a Google as a member of the Search Product Marketing team for years. Interestingly, the fundamentals of search have not changed and still many organizations aren’t tapped into its low-risk high return value.

I highly recommend reading this book on Search Engine Marketing to gain valuable insights on how to use search.

  • Why search is about intent.
  • How they search is about behavior.
  • What we search for is query volume.

Understanding search enables companies to analyze the potential business volume or available market mindshare.  So herein lies the question:

What if I don’t have it?

Who owns it?

What are they doing to obtain it?

What share of the market do the big guys have that perhaps you wouldn’t want to compete with?

And how have you formed a strategy to take a piece of the total pie?

Having a search acquisition strategy is a #1 customer acquisition tool, which in turn can be applied to your product strategy.

Search based marketing research includes competitive research, providing your organization with real market insights into what your customers are looking for such as:

Google Adwords for Keyword Research for Market Insights;
1. Insight into what searches have the highest volume.
2. Competitive Landscape
3. Customer behavior insight
4. Prioritize features and content based on traffic lift

Check out SimiarWeb‘s free Similar web chrome extension, to learn about your compeition’s website traffic volume. It only shows data for higher traffic volume sits.

To get ahead of your competition does your organization have the right mix of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with powerful Competitive Research insights?

Cultivate behavior-based marketing strategies and understand buying intent to capture your share of ‘the pie’.