Hi. I am Coach Kelly, a Digital Coach and B2B Marketing Service provider.

From building a digital marketing service to coaching start-ups and scale-ups on how to cultivate growth, I have proven strategies and tactics that can help you achieve your revenue results.

Having worked with some leading technology brands like TeamViewer, OpenText, and AMD running global marketing efforts generating demand and leads. I know how to make data-driven choices, plan, resource and execute with results.

I started Snapdragon Marketing Service in 2017 and have continued to support and coach businesses on driving growth through digital marketing, demand generation and lead generation campaigns.

Kelly L. Nelson, Digital Marketing Coach

“Being authentic builds trust. Communicating value builds authority.

This is how to capture the heart and minds of your audience and convert leads into happy customers.”

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From a strategic position to strategic action. We work with our clients to build out their brand’s online presence and go-to-market lead generation campaigns.

It’s building a path to purchase across multiple channels.  Maximizing your resources and seeking external support with Digital domain expertise creates a boost in sales and new revenue opportunities.

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