Digital Mix with Snapdragon Marketing Service.

Thanks for checking out my about page.  I partner with B2B brands that are investing in Digital Marketing and need to elevate their performance.

I provide coaching times in my evenings and weekends to help and clients navigate build their own Digital Marketing game plans.

‘The Mix’ is what’s right for your business and customers, where to focus your marketing investments for the best return on investment, and how to integrate your marketing plans to orchestrate a better customer experience.

A strategic advisor, coaching or training, providing clients with Digital Marketing Audits to benchmark and optimize their digital platforms.

A service provider with expertise in Social Media, SEO, Paid Search Advertising, Competitive and Digital Data Analysis.

More on Coach Kelly

Kelly is a demand generation architect, who has specialized in building audiences and engagement to build trust and authority across digital channels.

Throughout her career she has worked for enterprise software and hardware vendors, marketing and supporting sales pipeline goals, across various industry sectors for over 20 years.

In her current role as Director of Enterprise Marketing for TeamViewer Remote as a Platform global SAAS leader, responsible for driving multi-million-dollar sales funnels and marketing source revenue opportunities.

In 2017 she created Snapdragon Marketing Service, scaling her own Agency providing digital marketing coaching and consulting to Startup brands, Not-for-profits and SaaS Technology providers, all looking to speed up grow and build their brand presence across their digital channels.

She is a strategic advisor on go-to-market campaigns to support brands looking to drive brand awareness and revenue generation marketing to Fortune 1000 brands.

Her unique value is in her deep understanding across various digital channels, how best to tell interesting stories that resonate with audiences. Orchestrating new marketing strategies and elevating tactics.

She is a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into go-to-market campaigns,  cultivating a fresh perspective and new opportunities for growth.

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