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SEO – Search Engine Marketing


The buying journey begins for many in Search. 74.54% of search is done using Google which is well ahead of other search engines.

Certified SEO Expert

Organic Traffic

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for some businesses is their #1 customer acquisition tool.  This is a digital marketing discipline on its own, with frequent algorithm changes that are hard for organizations to stay on top of.

Learn more about How Digital Connects Local Shoppers and the benefits of being found on mobile in an online search.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

What is your share of organic traffic?  Interestingly many organizations benefit from over 50% of their site traffic coming from Organic Search, not paid traffic.

Google Search Results

Paid Search Marketing – Google Adwords Certified

Paid search AdWords campaigns increase a brand’s visibility through targeting searches based on specific keywords.  Starting with keyword research allows you to build a strong case on how to obtain qualified site traffic that is more likely to convert than from any other marketing channel.

It’s measurable and you can start with any budget per day and grow from there while staying within a set budget.

We can help you with your campaign management, creating your search, display or YouTube Video advertising and oversee these daily to ensure you’re gaining results.  Managing these campaigns on your own can prove cumbersome, so many of our clients prefer to outsource their PPC to an expert to manage on their behalf.

Keyword Research & Competitive Keyword Tracking

Gain market insights through keyword research:

  1. Insight into which searches have the highest volume.
  2. Visibility into your Competitive Landscape
  3. Market buying behavior
  4. Prioritize which content, products or services achieve the best traffic



Businesses should focus their wider efforts on all aspects of search engine marketing and not just SEO.

– Smart Insights


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