Paid Search Advertising Management

Paid Search Advertising & Social Media Advertising will Cultivate New Growth 

If your organization is in a rapid growth stage, trying to determine how Digital Marketing is supporting your sales likely feels like drinking from a fire hose. It can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to grow your audience. Smart marketing teams partner with digital experts like Snapdragon Marketing Service to get the job done. 

Paying to play, or investing in Paid Search Ads and Social Media Advertising, is key to any company’s online success, but it must be measurable. It’s important to ensure that your investment is paying off and that you’re seeing a growing audience and gaining an advantage over competitors. 

There are so many channels with unique configurations, targeting and tracking. When you have a finite advertising budget, figuring out all the functionalities across platforms can hinder your time to market and prevent you from achieving results.

We Make PPC Search Engine Advertising Simple

As experts across every marketing channel, Snapdragon Marketing Service will offset the burden of taking on Paid Digital Advertising. We want to help organizations determine which marketing campaigns and channels had success by measuring conversion events such as downloads and signups. We’ll find the best way to nurture your leads using paid remarketing and e-mail nurture campaigns.

What Makes a Successful Campaign?

Successful Paid Search or Paid Social relies on valuable content and channel-specific targeting. Each platform’s Social Advertising provides very different targeting options, making it complementary to Paid Search. 

We start by getting your campaign in front of active customers using targeted buyer-intent keywords. Using targeted keywords means you won’t overspend on broad keyword terms that drive the wrong buyers to your site and increase its bounce rate. PPC Search Engine Advertising is a great way to double your organic traffic results over time, eventually getting your content to rank on page one without paying for that traffic.

Our team helps get your ads into the market as effectively as possible. We work with our clients to carefully seed their campaign content with clear and compelling creative and copy to achieve Ads that pop in feeds. Our in-house copywriting and creative provides clients with both Ad copy and landing page copywriting, including compelling creative assets to support your PPC Search Engine and Social Media Advertising like web graphics, video, and campaign SEO research.

Intentional Remarketing with PPC Search Engine and Social Media Advertising 

Our work isn’t complete once someone visits your website. We’ll also remarket to website visitors and those who convert. This means we’ll be able to continue to engage with former customers and people who have shown interest in your product, leaving no stone unturned. 

Why Work With Us?

We’re experts in Social Media Advertising Management for:

  • Linkedin Campaign Manager
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Manager

PPC Search Engine Advertising Management:

  • Adwords Search, Display and Video Ads & with Custom Audiences for Remarketing

As a Pay Per Click Consultant, we have experience working across industries and have seen what works and what won’t. These valuable lessons benefit our clients because we’re always ready to hit the ground running to accelerate paid campaign results. 

How We Work As Pay Per Click Consultants 

We work closely with our clients to ensure their campaigns are a success from day one. From concept to implementation, these are the steps we’ll take as your Pay Per Click Consultant to ensure your campaign’s reaches its goals: 

  1. Our PPC consultants are full service. We provide ad copywriting, creative design and video production 
  2. We’ll work with you to determine which Google ad product offers the best value based on your offer and targeting goal.
  3. Optimize the campaign landing page to improve ad quality score optimizations and encourage conversions 
  4. Consider new ways to track conversion behavior
  5. Suggest remarketing techniques 
  6. Establish benchmarks, set up automated reports, and ensure we are able to properly measure your return on investment.

Industry Expertise and Proven Results 

We’re B2B experts that specialize in digital marketing for For-Profit B2B Technology and Not For Profit organizations looking to build their online presence and audiences. We can help your growing business by establishing successful online platforms that promote your product and help to reach sales targets and increase revenue. 

This isn’t a new field for us; we can provide relevant examples that show just how beneficial our targeted Paid Advertising can be for a B2B company like yours. 

Tangible Results and KPI’s

We understand that determining the quantifiable results from your PPC Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising investments is key. During and following a campaign, we can report on the increase in:

  • New visitors
  • Time on page
  • Low bounce rate
  • Conversion action

Our team’s cross channel expertise also helps create a strong trifecta: Paid Search and Paid Social that are uniquely targeted will help drive up your Organic search, resulting in a high performing website page.

Flexible Solutions

If you have been investing in paid search and are looking to improve your performance, outsourcing this service can be a great way to achieve stronger results and lighten the load on your marketing resources.

From concept through to measurement and reporting, we’ll support your business through each step. Whether you’re looking for short-term campaign assistance or looking to achieve long-term goals, we can create a solution that works for you.

Contact Coach Kelly for a one time offer for a free one-hour digital marketing consultation, and let’s talk about what paid search and social advertising can do for your brand.

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